The professional plan is aimed at bloggers who want everything set up, so that they can publish content. We will install the latest version of WordPress as well as the database needed to allow you to start publishing content. We will also install 2 WordPress plugins of your choice as well as a theme to get you started. We will set up a advanced ping list. A blog ping is a notification to a search provider that a blog has been updated. This helps spread your site around and gets you more visitors. The main features of our Professional plan are that we will make a full backup of your WordPress site every week. This includes your WordPress theme, plugins and database. We will also update your WordPress blog whenever there is a release. This allows you to have access to new features and security fixes, and prevents your site from becoming outdated, and possibly getting hacked.

Price: US $80

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Hi, I'm Conorp. I am a web developer and I reside in Melbourne Australia. My hobbies obviously include WordPress, but also Ancient History, specifically Roman and Egyptian.

Here at WP Kick Start, we try to make things easy for you, so you can just start publishing content. We we work with companies and individuals from Australia to all over the world.

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