Introducing: Gifts Given

Posted on 05. Dec, 2013 by in Announcements, Blog

2013 has been a very successful year for us so far, and we are very proud to introduce our first iPhone App;

Gifts Given! (

Do you have trouble remembering what gift you gave? You are not alone, which is why so many people have chosen Gifts Given to help them!
Gifts Given is a simple but fantastic app that helps you keep track of what gifts you have given to friends, family, work colleagues, teachers, charities…whoever you wish to keep track of.
Never again forget what gift you gave, when you gave it, what the occasion was and who you gave it to.
Easy to use – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!
* The “People” screen shows a list that you have created of the people that you have given gifts to.
* The “Gifts for: …..” screen shows a list that you have created of the gifts that you have given to a particular person.
* Simple layout and usability, showing helpful icons, dates and descriptions, the list of gifts can also be emailed.
Gifts Given was made by someone just like you who needs to keep track of what, when, why and who you gave that gift to.

It can be downloaded today for FREE through the iTunes App Store (

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  1. USA 👍🏻 12 January 2016 at 6:06 pm #

    Gifts Given App is really useful, and the more you use it, the more useful it becomes. Don’t need to rely on my memory anymore!

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